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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Set Photo Reveals Old Man In Indy Costume

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones 5
Paramount Pictures

Look, I’m not here to brashly bash Harrison Ford or make fun of the fact that he’s old. How old? 78 years old. I hope to be that old some day. But you know what? When I’m that old, I probably won’t be dressing up as some gallivanting action star trying to re-live my youth.

In other words, Harrison Ford must be having some kind of late life crisis. Otherwise, why would he sign onto such a doomed project with nothing to gain and so much to lose?

The below photo taken on the set of “Indiana Jones 5” shows Ford in the classic Indy getup:

Great. It’s a character we all love and Ford is among the most exalted actors in all of Hollywood. Therefore, one must assume that there was something so incredible about the prospects of the film that Ford simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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For example, perhaps the script was the best ever written? Nope. The project was first announced in 2016 and it languished in development hell for years, mostly due to disagreements over the script and multiple writers entering and exiting a revolving door of screenwriting.

Perhaps Ford wanted to re-team with his pal Steven Spielberg for one last adventure romp? Nope. Admittedly, that may have been the plan in the beginning. But Spielberg bailed on the project years ago when the script nightmare was going down. “Indiana Jones 5” was then punted to James Mangold. He’s certainly a director of great merit, with films such as “Ford v. Ferrari” and “Logan” to his credit. However, the Indiana Jones franchise is Ford and Spielberg together. Period.

Perhaps Ford just wanted to don the leather and simply re-live the action of his glory days one last time? Maybe. None of us want to succumb to father time. Yet the photo in the below tweet reveals a stunt guy holding a Harrison Ford mask that was used for a motorcycle sequence. Obviously Ford wouldn’t be doing such a thing himself. But it begs the question, how much is he actually capable of doing? Time will inevitably tell.

“Indiana Jones 5” is slated to be released July 29, 2022.

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