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‘Indiana Jones’ Gets The Modern Trailer Treatment

It seems there is a trend among fans to take old movies that had rather lackluster promotional content from back in the day, and give it the modern trailer treatment. Nobody needed this more than our boy Indiana Jones. His movies market themselves nowadays, but there is always someone who hasn’t seen “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and they’re always on the younger side. 

I grew up with these movies, so my love of them stems from the nostalgia that they elicit. Even without nostalgia goggles on, these films are a fun time for all. That said, everyone wants to watch a trailer before they watch a movie. It’s like insurance for them. Well, most old Indy trailers amount to him saying his name, showing Indy stand around looking cool, and then… well, that’s it. 

Fortunately for us, a Youtube channel by the name AppleCraftStudios has made a trilogy of trailers for the older Indy films and they are worthy of the name. I am more of a “Last Crusade” guy, but I know the Indy community well enough to know that “Raiders of The Lost Ark” would be the more popular choice. 

So, enjoy the modern reinterpretation of “Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark.” It’s a doozy to say the least. Both the film and this swanky, updated trailer I mean.  

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