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Insane YouTuber Builds a Retro Video Store in His Basement

So here’s a conundrum: when deliberating the title of this post, I wasn’t sure if I should use the adjective “incredible” or “insane” to describe the YouTuber who built a full-sized and fully-stocked video store in his basement. Either is perfectly adequate, but given the extraordinary amount of work, specificity, and detail involved with the pursuit, I figured there had to be a bit more lunacy involved than anything else.

There’s too much I love about this video to document it all. It’s a 35-minute journey (with no narration, mind you) inside the mind of a mad genius.

I don’t expect anyone to watch the entire thing. But even when jumping around, there are so many awesome elements that are simply impossible to not appreciate. VHS tapes? Check. Video games? Check. WWE action figures? Check. Candy along the shelving endcaps? Check!

Which, when it comes to evoking a chef’s kiss outta me, for whatever reason it’s the endcaps that do it. Otherwise this entire place is just a room with shelves full of video tapes. But it’s the candy that gives me that twinge of nostalgia, evoking long-ago memories of Blockbuster.

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