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Introducing the Shawshank Finger Cleaner | Stupid Movie Edits

For our latest Stupid Movie Edit, you’re going to have to keep your mind out of the gutter.

“The Shawshank Redemption” is our favorite movie all time here at Metaflix and it pained us to put out this video. The scene in question is so thrillingly wonderful that this seems like some sort of desecration in retrospect. But funny is funny. And this edit is funny.

Imagine our glee when we saw a finger poking through a hole in a vintage Doritos commercial. There was only one other place where we’d ever seen a finger poking through a hole before, so it was only natural to combine the two.

Is it crass? Totally! But the little devil on our shoulder made us do it. He’s a sick puppy. So watch the video and use your social media to spread it across the land like a digital Johnny Appleseed. Much love and laughs.

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