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Introducing the Smoothest Lightsaber Fight Yet

Slice and dice your way to a smooth victory.

Lightsaber 5 Bladed Lightshaver by TwistedDoodles
Lightsaber 5 Bladed Lightshaver by TwistedDoodles

Are you sitting at home with a bunch of stubble on your face, legs, or nether regions because you’re still quarantining and there’s little reason to live, much less shave? Are you General Grievous, or are you about to have a lightsaber fight with General Grievous? Well then, have we got a solution for you!

Introducing the new five-bladed lightshaver by TwistedDoodles, this innovative shaver-slash-saber is designed to do it all. Close shave? Check. Less irritation? Check. Cutting your foes into deli-thin meat slices? Also, check!

See the full cartoon along with our video detailing the search (and eventual success!) at finding the new Star Wars Wilhelm Scream below.

Five Bladed Lightsaber by TwistedDoodles