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It’s Not About Money … It’s About Sending a Message

Apparently $90 billion isn’t enough to go from awkward computer nerd to somewhat of a normal dude.

Mark Zuckerberg Joker
Mark Zuckerberg Joker

What is this message, you ask? That $90 billion apparently isn’t enough money to buy a decent haircut, or finishing lessons on how to smile like a human being, or the common knowledge that sunscreen doesn’t have to be caked on like a Mrs. Doubtfire mask to work.

Zuck is a weird dude. One would think that amassing such a monumental amount of money, fame, and success should be enough to go from awkward computer nerd to somewhat of a normal dude. Perhaps even cool. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos have all made this very transformation. Yet somehow Zuck is getting even weirder and more awkward than ever.

Metaflix dot com isn’t Perez Hilton. None of the writers here seek out the opportunity to take people to task, especially regarding their looks or affectations. But we’ll make a special exception for Zuck. He’s earned it.

When someone as influential as him wields their disgusting amount of power as recklessly as he has, they become fair game. I’m responsible for every last pixel that appears on this site. And if my website were directly responsible for mass misinformation, demagoguery, and tearing the fabric of society apart, I’d probably have trouble sleeping at night. But not Zuck. Why? Because $90 billion apparently isn’t enough to buy a conscience, either.

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