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J.K. Simmons Cast As Yet Another Terrifying Man in Horror Thriller ‘The Woods’

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J.K. Simmons is surely a nice and wonderful man in real life… probably… we hope… we pray. His film roles, however, are rarely anything but purely terrifying. If he isn’t hurling vicious insults at Miles Teller in “Whiplash,” then he’s hunting Andy Samberg with a bow in “Palm Springs.” Talk about an actor that has range!

The nicest roles that J.K. Simmons ever truly embodied was J. Jonah Jameson and Commissioner Gordon. The latter might be happening again, but the former they turned into Alex Jones, so it’s safe to say he’s ruined too. It seems Simmons is letting himself go from sociopathic character actor to psychopathic character actor with the announcement of his next sinister role.

J.K. Simmons terrifying on screen persona is about to get even scarier. The academy award winning actor has been announced to be starring in “The Woods” from director Michelle Schumacher. The thriller is about a young, traumatized girl being hunted in well, “The Woods,” by a murderous psychopath played by Simmons.

I would be scared to death at being yelled at by J.K. Simmons, let alone being hunted in the woods by him. The actor has said that he, “didn’t want to play any truly scary bad guys when [his] kids were young, partly because of how it might affect them if they saw the film and also because [he] didn’t want to bring that energy home with [him] after an intense day on the set.”

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Well, that’s good of him to do as a father, but his kids are all grown up now so scary evil J.K. Simmons roles are now back on the table. Going by his career, I didn’t think they were ever really off the table in the first place.