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‘Jackass 4’ Filming is Already Sending the Cast to the Hospital

Everyone in this movie is getting towards their 50s, is this a surprise to anyone?

Johnny Knoxville Steve-O Jackass 3
Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O filming the explosive opening to Jackass 3.

Back in October, we posted a story about how the “Jackass” crew was reconvening for a fourth film in the iconic comedy series. Focused on gross-out humor and extremely violent stunts, “Jackass” has been a cultural mainstay for decades, ever since the television show premiered on MTV. In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, are already in the hospital on the film’s second day of filming.

On his website, my personal favorite Jackass Bam Margera posted an update video (filmed on Cameo, for some reason?) regarding the sequel. According to Margera, Knoxville and Glover were sent to the ER after “jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment. Like… a tuba.” He then says that he’s already gotten some nasty cuts from the shoot, and he was taking a urine test at the hospital, presumably to make sure he wasn’t drinking.

At this point, it’s probably important to mention a point that a lot of folks brought up when this movie was announced. Johnny Knoxville turns 50 in March, and he also nearly died filming the 2018 film Action Point, about legendary theme park Action Park. Steve-O is 46, and Margera is the youngest of the main crew at a spry 41. Remember how the first film had gags where the crew would dress up in old man makeup, then pantomime getting terribly injured in front of random passers-by in downtown Los Angeles? Yeah.

I want to be clear here: I really enjoy all the “Jackass” movies. I didn’t even think “Bad Grandpa” was all that bad! And I desperately want another Jackass film. However, I also really don’t want these guys to die making it. In 2011, shortly after the release of “Jackass 3,” cast member Ryan Dunn died after a high-speed car crash.

At the end of the day, I guess all that can be said is I’m hopeful the movie gets made without anyone getting too seriously hurt. On the bright side, the movie is slated to release next March, and so far no reports have come out about any of the cast getting too badly hurt. So, here’s to hoping that the movie is able to come out on time, without too many more major injuries. As unlikely as both of those events seem at the moment.

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