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Jeff Daniels and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Yearbook Photo

Jeff Daniels Yearbook Photo

These days, if you ask what’s in the water in Michigan, everybody knows. But that still begs the question: what was in Michigan’s water throughout the early ’70s?

I love Jeff Daniels so if this missive ever comes across his purview hopefully he takes it with the lighthearted nature with which it is written. However, upon seeing one of his high school yearbook photos, I had to wonder if perhaps the dude was in character for “Dumb and Dumber: the High School Years” LOL!

Regardless, here’s the secret to all school photos: the bad ones are actually the good ones. I’m sure we’ve ALL had at least one silly photo taken of us during our adolescence. I remember mine, from first grade. Thought my hair looked cool that day because a row of it was sticking up along the center line, like a mohawk. Helper lady even asked if I wanted to comb it down. Nope! Just snap away! My family and I still laugh at that photo to this day. See what I mean?

So thank you, Mr. Daniels, for this wonderful photo. You and your family–and now the rest of us–can treasure it forevermore.

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