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Jennifer Lawrence Toked Up For Her Role In ‘Don’t Look Up’

Jennifer Lawrence Don't Look Up

J. Law is back! I never really noticed she was gone, but then again, the last movie she was in was “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” so I guess I understand why she decided to take a sabbatical. Well, she’s back and has a new movie on Netflix coming out called “Don’t Look Up.” 

Directed by Adam Mckay and starring Leonardo Dicaprio alongside Jennifer Lawrence, the film follows a group of low level astronomers as they try to warn the world about an incoming asteroid. In it, Jennifer Lawrence plays a stoner astronomer … and she reportedly went method for the role.  

Director Adam McKay explained how she was given permission to smoke some weed on set before filming a scene with Meryl Streep (what an experience that must have been). The director made sure to clarify that she was not pregnant at the time. 

“Just nobody tell my mother-in-law,” J. Law joked in the same interview. I must say, if I am ever lucky enough to get an acting role and the director asked me to smoke pot to “get in character,” well, let’s just say I’d instantly become a fan of Stanislavski’s method at that moment.

Otherwise, I subscribe to the notion that you just “act” in a scene, rather than do what your character is doing. You hear that, Leo? I would have puked after eating that raw deer liver on “The Revenant” set too. So, where’s my Oscar? 

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