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John Hughes May Have Left Behind A ‘Breakfast Club’ Sequel

Breakfast Club
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Anthony Michael Hall revealed in an interview this week, that the last conversation he had with the late and great writer John Hughes was about none other than a “Breakfast Club” sequel.

“At the time, he did mention the potential of doing a sequel to “The Breakfast Club.” It would have been about all of us in our middle-age. His idea was to pick up with them in their twenties or thirties. That idea was on his mind, but that was the last conversation I had with him,” the “Halloween Kills” actor said while speaking to The Independent.

In 2015, actress Molly Ringwald – who played Claire ‘Princess’ Standish – claimed there was a script for a sequel in existence. She said, “Somebody told me that there is the script for a sequel to “The Breakfast Club.” One day, all that stuff will come out.” And Emilio Estevez said he’d be down to reprise his role if a second movie went ahead.

While John Hughes’s death ensured that any plans to make a sequel were nixed, if a script out there exists, then fans will certainly want to see it. How far beyond just the initial planning phase was worked out is still unknown. But, the prospect of there either being a finished or unfinished “Breakfast Club” sequel out in the wild should keep any John Hughes fan up in the late AM wondering about what could have been.

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