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Johnny Depp Claims Hollywood Is Boycotting Him

Johnny Depp Claims Hollywood is Boycotting Him
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Johnny Depp has come from the shadows of his ongoing legal battles for a single interview. While it may not have been much, he did manage to make some pretty bold claims and accusations towards the film industry at large as well as MGM, specifically.

In interview with the Sunday Times, Depp stated that he is being “boycotted by Hollywood.” More specifically, it seems Depp believes that MGM has somewhat of a vendetta against him and his upcoming film, “Minamata.” The director, Andrew Levitas, apparently believes that MGM is attempting to bury the film because of Depp’s ongoing legal feuds.

The synopsis for “Minamata” reads, “War photographer W. Eugene Smith travels back to Japan where he documents the devastating effect of mercury poisoning in coastal communities.” While it has been ready for release for a long time, MGM mysteriously refuses to set a release date.

So is Hollywood boycotting Johnny Depp? It is hard to tell until we see “Minamata.” It could be that the film is genuinely just bad, or perhaps the delays are fueled by MGM’s desire to distance itself from Johnny Depp. That would seem a bit odd, however, given that controversies surrounding Depp have been swirling for years before the making of the film.

Is it possible that Johnny Depp is just losing his relevance and trying to play the victim? Is this how many actors feel when they have aged out of their prime? It is hard to say either way, but hopefully the actor has some good performances left in him, or steps aside to make room for fresh performers.

You can check out the trailer for “Minamata” below.

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