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Julianne Moore Hit with Spit Crossfire at Knicks Playoff Game

Julianne Moore Knicks Spit
Julianne Moore Knicks Spit

Julianne Moore has been hit with spit! I repeat, Julianne Moore has been hit with spit! Somebody call … somebody else!

A fan spitting on a pro ballplayer is outrageous. Sure, fans getting passionate about the game is what the entire sports endeavor is all about. But at the end of the day, it’s still only a game, something we watch purely for entertainment purposes. And as much as it may seem like it sometimes, opposing players aren’t the enemy. They’re just some dudes or chicks who worked their butts off their entire lives and managed to make it into the top .00001% of their field.

Check out the following video of a Knicks fan spitting on Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young on Wednesday night:

What’s the only thing worse than spitting on a player? SPITTING ON JULIANNE MOORE! You DO NOT get your filthy digestive juices on the QUEEN OF THE SILVER SCREEN.

That’s Gloria from “Gloria Bell,” President Alma Coin from “Hunger Games,” Maude Lebowski from “The Big Lebowski,” and Amber Waves from “Boogie Nights” that some knucklehead hit with his spit in what is possibly the dumbest move at the Garden since James Dolan hired Isaiah Thomas as President of Basketball Operations.

Fortunately, the Knicks have banned that fan from Madison Square Garden indefinitely. As for Moore, she’ll be loved like my own mother indefinitely. But god only knows how long it’ll take us to recover from this trauma.

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