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July 4th Versus July 5th … GOO!

Happy Gilmore July 4 Meme
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Bet a whole lot of friends, family, and emergency room personnel had the same reaction between the waning hours of July 4th and waxing hours of July 5th at the sight of mangled hands and whatever else people managed to blow to smithereens while improperly using fireworks.

The Fourth of July is a bit of a divisive holiday here in America. People either love, love, love the unbridled festivities, or hate, hate, hate the recklessness and late night nuisance of the proceedings.

Metaflix is no stranger to such divisiveness, either. Just yesterday, we published two listicles honoring summer / the Fourth of July and heard plenty from our readers who had problems with our selections.

First of all, I don’t like the term “listicle.” It looks and sounds way too much like “testicle” for it to be taken with any manner of seriousness. Second of all, our listicles list articles aren’t meant to be definitive. Because they can’t be. Putting together a list of movies based on such-and-such criteria is always subjective and never absolute.

Matter of fact, our most recent YouTube video essay further explores this point far better than I can elaborate in this space. The basic gist is that 1). Movies are art, and art is subjective and 2). There are FAR, FAR too many films that exist for anyone to ever definitively place a handful of them into any kind of meaningful array.

Accordingly, let’s all simply agree that movies are awesome and it’s just good ol’ fun shooting the spit with like-minded folks about them. So if you’d like to fully tune into this discussion, read “The 5 Best Summer Movies in the History of History,” read “5 Great Independent Films to Watch on Independence Day,” and check out our featured video essay below.

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