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‘Jurassic Park’ Except Every Dinosaur is Pee-wee Herman

I’m going to lay all my cards on the table: Paul Reubens got a bad edit in 1991 for his indecent exposure arrest.

Sure, at that time smut on VHS tapes existed and most households had a VHS player. Reubens, being on television, obviously had the means and wherewithal to make his spank bank deposits at home. But prior to the VHS phenomenon–certainly a time Reubens would’ve known–there were jerk joints all over the place and that’s where fellas used to go to watch porn.

It was in a Sarasota, Florida, jerk joint where Reubens got arrested by a detective for doing exactly what the business existed for. Shame on Reubens? No. Shame on that creep detective for prowling around a porn theater looking to collar guys for doing exactly what everyone on earth knows they are there for.

Regardless, in just the past two weeks, I:

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  1. Happened to have caught the 2001 movie “Blow” on TV, which served as Reubens’ Hollywood comeback.
  2. Happened to have watched Reubens as a contestant on celebrity Wheel of Fortune.
  3. Happened to come across this video, in which it’s the “Jurassic Park” trailer except all the dinosaurs are Pee-wee Herman.

I guess the universe is trying to tell me something.

So despite the fact that I decided to use the entirety of this post to talk about Reubens instead of Herman, however, I implore you, do not skip watching the above video. The editing is superb and the content is funny as hell.