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Kaitlyn Dever Joins George Clooney And Julia Roberts In ‘Ticket to Paradise’

Kaitlyn Dever Booksmart
Kaitlyn Dever Booksmart

The George Clooney and Julia Roberts rom-com “Ticket to Paradise” has added Kaitlyn Dever to its cast. According to Deadline, Dever will star alongside the two Hollywood elites and begin filming in Australia later this year.

Clooney and Roberts play a divorced couple who rush to Bali to stop their daughter from tying the knot on her post-grad vacation. They hope they can convince their lovestruck daughter to not repeat the same mistake they made 25 years prior.

Since Billie Lourde has already been cast as the daughter’s best friend, Wren, it’s safe to assume that Dever will play Clooney and Roberts’ daughter in the film. Dever and Lourde had great chemistry as co-stars in 2019’s “Booksmart” and should recapture similar energy in “Ticket to Paradise.”

2019 was a huge year for Dever. In addition to staring in “Booksmart” she also earned a Golden Globe nomination for he performance in Netflix’s “Unbelievable.”

The hype is turning up for Clooney and Roberts’ on screen reunion. The two actors famously played exes in the “Ocean’s” trilogy and co-starred together in “Money Monster” in 2016.

Additionally, by filming Down Under, “Ticket to Paradise” joins the large list of Hollywood films that are turning Australia into the new Hollywood. Recently, “Mad Max” spinoff “Furiosa” made headlines when they announced they’re becoming the country’s biggest production, creating 850 local jobs.

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