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Kevin Smith Reveals ‘Clerks III’ Plot … and Lionsgate Buys It

Lionsgate Acquired Clerks III Kevin Smith

Finally, Lionsgate has acquired the rights to “Clerks III,” the passion project of director Kevin Smith. Miramax distributed the first “Clerks,” while “Clerks II” was through the Weinstein Company (Yikes!) and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. The Clerks films have always had an independent feeling to them, created by Smith’s View Askew Productions.

This third installment will continue the story of Smith’s connected filmography, known as the “Askewniverse.” Previously, fans thought that part of Smith’s career would be wrapping up with “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” Smith’s latest movie. Every Snoochie Boochie joke, “Star Wars” reference, and character beat seemed to come to a conclusion. But, as Smith has revealed, there is perhaps still more to be explored in the Clerks Universe.

Recently, Smith has been doing great things near “Clerks” famous Quick Stop setting. His network has created the Smodcastle, New Jersey’s first podcast theater. Fans can go there to watch Smith’s podcasts, such as “Fatman Beyond.” The area has become a bit of a tourist trap for those who want to emulate Jay and Silent Bob.

The Quick Stop is a symbol of Smith’s humble beginnings filming at nights after working all day. Smith claims this will be a personal film for him about returning to his roots. As you probably know if you’re a Smith fan (or even if you’ve heard him speak for more than ten minutes), he suffered a massive heart attack in 2018. Since then, much of his work has been grappling with the mortality he suddenly encountered, although with the irreverent Keven Smith style we expect.

“Clerks III” begins shooting next month. While we have no release date yet, Smith is doing a lot of promotion ahead of time on his Instagram account. You can read some plot details down below.

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