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Lisa and Louise Burns Outside ‘The Shining’ Wardrobe Department, 1979

Lisa and Louise Burns The Shining Twins
Lisa and Louise Burns The Shining Twins

The Shining” is one of the most unsettling movies ever made. The film has been chilling audiences for decades, serving as another notch in the bedpost of Stanley Kubrick’s remarkable career.

In 2015, twin sisters Lisa and Louise Burns, who together sent shivers down viewers’ spines in their performance as the Grady daughters, spoke about their experience working on the classic movie. The pair say Jack Nicholson took naps on the floor between scenes to stay in character, he often talked about missing his daughter Jennifer from his first marriage to Sandra Knight, and appeared to be a more devoted family man than his public image ever let on.

“Oh my God, we loved it,” Louise and Lisa Burns reminisce about their once in a lifetime opportunity working with Kubrick. “Everyday felt like we’d been invited to a very exclusive party and we were the youngest, luckiest people to be there.”

And how have we deduced that this photo was specifically taken outside the wardrobe department? A little detail in the photo you may have missed. Check out the sign on the right hand side of the photo behind the girls.

To check in on the pair in a more recent interview in which they dish on Kubrick, remakes, Nicholson, and more, watch the video below.

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