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Mad Genius Remixes ‘The Batman’ Trailer for ‘Ted Lasso’

“The Batman” and “Ted Lasso” … so hot right now!

And one can also say pretty diametrically opposed? After all, Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman is said to be dark, moody, and broody, while Jason Sudeikis’ character of Ted Lasso is overwhelmingly upbeat and happy.

Well fear not Lasso fans, that darker timeline is now here thanks to Jason Gallagher, who just created what we’ll call “Bizarro Ted Lasso.”

The remixed trailer takes the audio from the recently released “The Batman” trailer and puts it over footage from the Apple TV+ show. Believe it or not, some stars of the show have already weighed in with their approval. Nick Mohammed wrote “OK this is pretty cool!” while Brett Goldstein, who plays fan-favorite Roy Kent, said “Brilliant trailer (but only watch if you’ve finished season two.)”

Check out the video above and be sure to re-watch the new Batman trailer about a thousand times HERE.

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