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Magneto Insists He Prefers the REAL Raven | Stupid Movie Edits

This Stupid Movie Edit is a mess. The concept is funny enough–Magneto from “X-Men: First Class” insisting he prefers the real Raven and we go ahead and do a number of silly transformations to that effect–but the overall result just never got fully realized.

The biggest barrier to making it great was YouTube itself. The more provocative clips got flagged and the video wouldn’t be seen. The less provocative stuff got flagged as “not advertiser friendly” and the video is now demonetized.

This all just sucks because we even went through the effort of silencing the word “sex” from the “Kingpin” scene and pixelated Buffalo Bill’s crotch from the “Silence of the Lambs” scene and the video STILL got flagged and demonetized.

Being flagged as “not advertiser friendly” and demonetized also means that YouTube isn’t going to bother promoting the video in any meaningful way, so the entire thing is essentially DOA.

After spending countless hours re-editing footage, modifying clips, censoring stuff, and re-uploading to YouTube, I give up. So do me a favor: watch the video YouTube thinks is too provocative for their platform then throw us a like and subscribe. That’ll cheer me up : )

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