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Marvel Has Found Its Anti-Hero Werewolf

Marvel Halloween Special

Way back when, we reported on Marvel looking to cast a werewolf role in their Disney Plus “Halloween” Special. It seems this next phase of Marvel is finally going to fully lean into the supernatural. I mean, so far we have witches, zombies, and a couple of vampires on the way, so why not a werewolf too.

It was said that Marvel weren’t looking for an actor to play just any old werewolf, but they were looking for someone to play anti-hero, Werewolf by Night. Like Morbius: The Living Vampire, his name is a slight subversion of what is typical of the monster. It seems all classic, horror monster related superpowers are the kind of stuff regular monsters themselves would wish for. Like, a werewolf probably wishes he could go wolf form any night he wants rather than only on a full moon. A vampire probably wishes he were alive rather than undead. Marvel doesn’t discriminate in its wish-fulfillment I guess. 

The one bit of information we had beforehand, was that the actor they were seeking had to be Latino. Well, Disney has found their Latino werewolf in Gael García Bernal. You may know him from movies such as “Coco.” He had  that one scene where he sings Remember Me to his daughter. That scene is guaranteed to make you cry. It’s like proven science. I’m more than certain the C.I.A. use it for torture. 

What I’m less certain of is what this rush of classic horror movies monsters into the MCU means for Marvel’s future plans. Kevin Feige has got to be setting up something. The planning can’t all be done piecemeal. Maybe he’s eyeing Universal’s failed dark universe franchise. Monster Avengers anyone?  

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