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METAFLIX Is The Future Of Entertainment In The Metaverse

Metaflix Token

METAFLIX ® has long been part of the entertainment ecosystem. From delivering news, publishing videos, and creating content across the digital media landscape, METAFLIX ® is known for being a dependable and reputable source for entertainment content.

Now, the company is taking the next step in its continual evolution, further making inroads into the metaverse. Accordingly, METAFLIX ® is proud to announce the research, development, and subsequent launch of a brand-new entertainment platform featuring the $METAFLIX token in conjunction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and unique experiences utilizing blockchain technology in order to revolutionize the creation, distribution, and consumption of motion pictures, television shows, music videos, sports, concerts, podcasts, gaming, books, art, live and pre-recorded events, celebrity interactions, and more.

Every major media outlet, tech company, social platform, and entertainment studio has already begun laying the foundation towards building a digitally immersive entertainment platform. This new digital frontier represents the next iteration of the internet–Web 3.0–in which advanced technology and computing is allowing users to go from inhabiting the current two dimensional internet landscape to transforming it into an even more immersive, three dimensional landscape.

Within this immersive landscape exists the concept of an entertainment ecosystem built upon cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain technology. It is here, throughout this flourishing space, that METAFLIX ® will further its ambitions in becoming an integral part of the metaverse.

In many ways, it was inevitable that METAFLIX ® would utilize its long-established brand name and reputation within the entertainment industry to broaden its footprint within the digital media space by researching and developing innovative applications featuring the $METAFLIX token, NFTs, and blockchain technology.

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Now, however, with digital reality quickly reaching critical mass, the future of the entertainment industry is clear … and the necessity of an innovative entertainment platform built upon Web 3.0 technology driven by the METAFLIX ® brand is upon us.

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