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METAFLIX ® is the future of entertainment in the metaverse.

Gone are the days of Web 1.0, the read-only version of the internet pioneered by renowned computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in which web pages were largely static and the web existed exclusively as an informational, text-based platform.

Fading are the days of Web 2.0, the subsequent iteration of the internet featuring read-write access in which the world witnessed the rise of social media companies, streaming, podcasts, and interactive digital entertainment.

The next evolution of the internet–Web 3.0–is here, and Metaflix ® is positioned to be an integral part of its existence.

METAFLIX ® is proud to announce the research, development, and subsequent launch of a brand-new entertainment platform featuring the $METAFLIX token in conjunction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and unique experiences utilizing blockchain technology in order to revolutionize the creation, distribution, and consumption of motion pictures, television shows, music videos, sports, concerts, podcasts, gaming, books, art, live and pre-recorded events, celebrity interactions, and more.

Metaverse, Web 3.0, AR, VR, avatars, NFTs, blockchain … no matter how many different forms in which the new era of digital entertainment persists, there is no doubt that its predominance is inevitable. Every major media outlet, social platform, movie studio, and tech company has already begun laying the foundation towards building a digitally immersive entertainment platform. Thus it was inevitable that METAFLIX ® utilize its long-established brand name and reputation within the entertainment industry to broaden its footprint within the digital media space by developing innovative applications featuring the $METAFLIX token, NFTs, and blockchain technology.



  • Research and development
  • Published articles and social media posts
  • Pre-release public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns
  • Whitepaper creation


  • $Metaflix token launch
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing
  • Cross-chain bridge development
  • Post-release public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns
  • Mobile application development (Android and iOS)


  • Additional listings on major crypto exchanges
  • Mobile application launch (Android and iOS)
  • Integrated METAFLIX ® metaverse platform launch
  • Entertainment, tech, and media industry partnerships
  • Mainstream public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns

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