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Michael Keaton is a Cameraman on the ‘Batman’ Set

Michael Keaton Batman BTS
Michael Keaton Batman BTS

Playing Batman is one of the most famous traditions in the film industry. Entire fandoms form around who is the best Batman. Hilariously, the 2014 film “Neighbors” has a scene where Seth Rogan disagrees with Zac Efron about this very subject. While showing the generational divide Efron claims Christian Bale is the best whereas Rogan supports Michael Keaton.

Keaton’s performance in 1989’s “Batman” is credited for cementing the caped crusader as a film legend. Since Keaton took on the role in Tim Burton‘s film, there seems to always be a Batman movie in development. Additionally, “Batman” was a commercial and critical success partly because of Jack Nicholson‘s casting as the Joker. Together Keaton and Nicholson’s performances have gone down as cultural phenomenons.

With a movie this impactful, there were surely fun times on set. In the photo above, Michael Keaton operates a Panavision camera while wearing the entire Batman costume. If only we knew which shot was set up by Bruce Wayne himself.

The character of Batman has been making headlines all 2021. Ben Affleck shot new material for “Zack Synder’s Justice League” which debuted on HBO Max earlier this year. Additionally, Robert Pattinson has recently wrapped up production for his first portrayal of the character in 2022’s “The Batman.”

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