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Michael Myers Enjoying A Dr. Pepper On Set, 1978

It’s a killer drink.

Nick Castle as Michael Myers behind the scenes of Halloween
Nick Castle as Michael Myers behind the scenes of Halloween

Halloween’s “boogeyman” and infamous unkillable killer Michael Myers has been terrifying the young and old alike since his first appearance in 1978. The slasher villain made his first appearance as a young boy who murders his sister and returns 15 years later from a mental hospital to torment and murder more teenagers. And since then, John Carpenter’s original movie spawned the slasher craze of the 80s and has become one of the biggest and most well known slasher franchises.

The killer is not only skin raising in his creepy outer appearance, with an uncanny white mask and empty, soulless eye sockets, but also in the way he methodically stalks his prey. Michael Myers is the pure embodiment of evil, but in this lighthearted behind the scenes photo, the killer of your nightmares has been unmasked, and he doesn’t seem so scary. 

In the first film, Michael Myers was actually portrayed by three different actors, but Nick Castle is known to many as the “original” Michael Myers. Castle managed to show a perfect performance of a killer that would go down in history, all without a single line of dialogue. However, in this iconic photo, Michael Myers is anything but menacing. In fact, it’s very amusing to see how the ruthless serial killer likes to spend his free time on set. But I suppose after a long day of chasing and murdering teenagers around town, it’s nice to unwind with a can of Dr. Pepper.

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