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‘Monsters Inc.’ Abominable Snowman Joins ‘Star Wars’ Universe

When Disney bought Star Wars, we were all afraid they would mess it up. Like me, many people had nightmares of Mickey Mouse ears on the Death Star or Leia joining the Disney princesses. Heaven forbid that the Avengers joined the Jedi fighting against a new Empire led by Thanos. Fortunately, none of those obnoxious crossovers happened. Unfortunately, the worst Disney did to the franchise was just making “The Rise of Skywalker.”

But now join me as we theorize what could have happened. Perhaps in some alternate universe far far away, there was a pitch meeting, where it was decided that Disney properties must invade the Star Wars galaxy. Maybe this is part of a new special edition! Even this would be better than George Lucas’s rereleases. In a world where Hoth and the Himilayas are one and the same, watch as the Abominable Snowman from Monsters Inc. entices Luke Skywalker with lemony snowcones.

This is part of our Stupid Movie Edits YouTube series, and we’d appreciate it if you subscribed to our channel! Whether it’s Kramer hiding from Robin Hood or another Star Wars crossover, we enjoy making people laugh with the movies. We’ll have more edits like these on the channel soon enough.

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