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‘Morbius’ Trailer Drops To Remind Us Sony Is Still Trying To Make This Movie Happen

If you’re a fan of “Morbius,” then this past year or so has been an anxious yet exciting time. First, you get a trailer for a movie made about your favorite Spider-Man villain turned good guy, Venom. Then, you get another trailer for that one weird vampire villain that you kind of liked because of the TV show in the ’90s. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Mobius … err, Morbius I mean. My point is I doubt even the biggest “Morbius” fan is that big a fan of the Living Vampire. Yet, here we are. 

After everyone was nice and warmly whelmed by the debut trailer of this unasked for Spider-Man spinoff, it did what a lot pre-pandemic franchise films did, and went into hibernation. Well, this film’s marketing campaign is rising from its coffin and this trailer is it taking its first bite. If those seemed forced, it was because I wanted to simulate what it must be like to be a Sony marketing intern right now. It’s likely a lot of making puns about being a vampire or, “really emphasizing that he is a Living Vampire and like getting into what that’s all about.”  

Yesterday, there was a new teaser that was even more whelming. I say this as this is just the teaser for the real trailer, which was supposed to come out some time later. I guess later is right now. I wrote this article originally about that teaser. No one really knew when the trailer dropped, because frankly no one really cares. In summary, you got to listen to Jared Leto very quickly run down the character for all you plebes who aren’t real “Morbius” fans like me. You see, “Morbius is a Marvel character who has been an important part of the universe. He’s brilliant, he’s strong, he has unique powers, but these powers… they seem to be out of his control.” You caught me, I’m just quoting Leto there, but really only true “Morbius” fans can care about anything Jared Leto says about this latest Sony cash grab.

The cast of the film is rather strong. It stars Leto as Morbius, Matt Smith as villain Loxias Crown (Don’t worry, he gets a super villain name later that is somehow less stupid sounding than his real one.) Jared Harris has an unnamed role, and Adria Arjoina plays Martine Bancroft. I’m guessing she’s a love interest as you can’t be named Mantine Bancroft and not have guys named “Morbius” be creeping on ya. Lastly, we have Michael Keaton playing the MCU’s Vulture. His appearance will really test how much weight a B-list MCU villain has for the average movie-goer. I bet my mom is gonna tug my arm in the movie theater and ask me if Michael Keaton is playing Batman in this one too.  That’s a lie, there is no way in hell I’m seeing “Morbius” in theaters. Speaking of movie theaters, “Morbius” will be coming to many across North America on Jan. 28, 2022!

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