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Movie Detail Monday: ‘Do the Right Thing’ and the Magical Heat Bar

My recent film review of Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods” took the filmmaker to task for putting forth predictable plot lines and utilizing second-rate filmmaking techniques. All of the criticisms remain justified. However, part of the reason why I wasn’t willing to cut the filmmaker any slack while writing the review is because I know the extraordinary level of EXCELLENCE that Lee is capable of achieving.

To me, things like the piss-poor blood spatter CGI and awful camera filters (to shoot day for night) were simply unforgivable. Every time I saw one of those missteps, I thought of all the incredible cinematography and filmmaking techniques utilized throughout “Do the Right Thing.”

Spike Lee KNOWS how to compose beautiful shots. He KNOWS how to create movie magic. He KNOWS that going the extra mile during production pays off ten-fold on screen.

So to keep this brief and to support my point, watch this short feature embedded above highlighting the cinematography of “Do the Right Thing.” Pay special attention to how cinematographer Ernest Dickerson created the look of the hottest day of the summer by using a heat bar underneath the camera lens. And don’t forget that such innovations are tools that Lee has at his disposal, should he actually take the time and effort during his productions to use them.

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