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Movie Detail Monday: Little Nero’s Slogan In ‘Home Alone’

Blink and you’ll miss this detail from ‘Home Alone’ jam-packed with interesting asides.

Little Neros Pizza No Fiddlin Around
Little Neros Pizza No Fiddlin Around

Is writing about “Home Alone” after Christmas like wearing white after Labor Day? Am I going to get shit for this, or is that not a thing and “Home Alone” is fair game year round?

On Thanksgiving I wrote about “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” like every other person in the film blogosphere. The Monday preceding it, I wrote about “turkeys,” though in the context of bowling.

This year for Christmas I went with a Movie Detail Monday post about the Chinese restaurant in “A Christmas Story,” arguing that that film is the ultimate Christmas movie, but plenty of other people say that “Home Alone” is more deserving of that title, so it’d be a shame to not cater to their preferences a bit.

Therefore, just three days removed from Christmas 2020, here’s a fun little detail from “Home Alone” that you probably missed despite watching the film a million times: the slogan for Little Nero’s Pizza is “No Fiddlin’ Around!”

Why is that interesting? I’ll tell you. First, Little Nero’s is a reference to Little Caesars. Second, “No Fiddlin’ Around!” is a historical reference to the tale that emperor Nero supposedly played the fiddle as Rome burned during the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64. Third, the problem with this tale is that the fiddled didn’t exist in Ancient Rome. The Viol was not developed until the 11th century. If Nero played anything, it was the cithara.

And last but certainly not least, neither Nero nor Little Nero’s Pizza better be fiddlin’ around, because everyone from Tacitus to Kevin McCallister knows that if the pizza isn’t delivered within 30 minutes, it’s free.