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500 Days of Summer - Ten Years Later

Sometimes re-visiting those movies can be scary. This is because more often than not, they simply don’t hold up—not necessarily in the filmmaking sense, but in our own mind’s eye. The film hasn’t changed. We have. We’ve matured, or find ourselves in an entirely different phase of life, or recognize that the world has changed.

Metaflix is Proud to Introduce: Film School Fridays

Luckily for us, Crash Course and PBS also produced a series focusing on film, covering three fascinating aspects of the movie industry: Film History, Film Production, and Film Criticism. All told, the three series are comprised of 49 episodes. We’ll be presenting one every week in our own series that we’re excited to call Film School Fridays.

The Kubrick Close-Up

The best part of the video as a viewer is coming to the understanding of how strategic Kubrick is with his close-up shot. There is such clear, deliberate intent. This gives all of us a greater appreciation of just how involved a director is with his shot selection and how artistically fine-tuned films can really be.