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Olivia Colman Gives the Best Acceptance Speech of the Oscars

We love Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech for her Best Lead Actress Oscar for two reasons: 1). It was easily the most entertaining of the night and 2). Compared to front-runner ‘Roma,’ we thought ‘The Favourite’ was a superior film and deserved more awards, so at least this shined a little bit of additional light on the movie.

Why the 1989 Oscars Are Considered the Worst Ever

What do the 1989 Oscars and this year’s Academy Awards telecast have in common? No host! Time will tell if the 2019 Oscars are a trainwreck or not, but in the meantime, we did a deep dive on the disastrous 1989 Oscars, which is largely considered the worst Academy Awards telecast on record.