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The Essentials: Robert Pattinson’s 10 Best Performances

For a long time, Robert Pattinson was known to most as moody, sparkly vampire Edward Cullen from the enduringly lucrative“Twilight” series. Since his initial ascent, the prodigiously talented London-born actor has gone on to work with directors as challenging and interesting as James Gray, Claire Denis, Werner Herzog, and the Safdie Brothers – which is not to mention collaborations with the likes of Ciro Guerra, Antonio Campos, and none other than Christopher Nolan looming on the horizon. It now feels safe to say that we can finally put the YA-friendly comparisons that marked Pattinson’s early career to bed once and for all.

Woah: Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' Casts Paul Dano as the Riddler

Breaking news shook the movie world this afternoon as Warner Bros. announced that beloved character actor Paul Dano has been cast as the Riddler in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman.’ The announcement came less than 24 hours after word began spreading that Warner Bros. and Jonah Hill failed to come to terms on the role, with Hill reportedly asking for a $10 million paycheck and the studio balking at the hefty price.