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My Favorite Letterboxd Reviews About This Year’s Best Picture Nominees

Mank Seyfried and Oldman
Mank Seyfried and Oldman

If you’re not familiar with Letterboxd, congrats on having a life. The website is essentially Pinterest for cinephiles, allowing Users to rate, review, and rank their favorite movies under one’s “profile.” I have a love/hate relationship with Letterboxd. On the one hand it enables succinctly in my movie logging; my OCD is grateful for the list-making function. However, the site also tends to turn moviegoing into a sport, pitting cinephiles against one another in a battle for the most movies watched – which sucks.

But the best part of Letterboxd are the reviews. People have intense opinions about their favorite movies, and it’s often hilarious reading someone’s cathartic take on “The Social Network” or “The Emoji Movie.” In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, I’ve pulled my favorite review for each of the Best Picture Nominees. Enjoy.


There’s always the one black and white movie that drags. Looking at you “The Artist.”

“Sound of Metal”

Damien Chazelle to Ruben: “I don’t care that you’re deaf, it’s not my tempo!”


Don’t forget Fern’s chinaware too.

“The Father”

Just pull the plug, Olivia, I don’t care that you were on “The Crown.”

“Promising Young Woman”

Clowns vs. Cassidy Mulligan, who you got?

“Judas and the Black Messiah”

Not funny, just true.


Alan Kim and Yoon Yuh-Jung should win every award.

“The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Imagine if Sorkin had written “Mank”…

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