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My Favorite New Year’s Eve Cartoon

3 … 2 … 1 … Keep at it.

Metaflix New Years Eve Slide
Metaflix New Years Eve Slide

The following is my favorite New Year’s Eve cartoon and I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting about it every New Year’s Eve from now until forever.

Why? Because I relate to the depiction far too much. Metaflix isn’t just a full time endeavor. It’s an every-waking-minute endeavor. I don’t bemoan that fact, either. Anyone who has ever built a company or similar sort of flagship career has done the same.

Success in life takes three things: hard work, persistence, and luck. A considerable percentage of people work 24/7 at something they are passionate about but never get blessed with that random bit of incredibly fortuitous luck. Ultimately–as sad and unfair as it may be–their endeavor fails.

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HOWEVER, without hard work and persistence, any new endeavor is already 100% guaranteed to fail. That’s just the simple yet ruthless truth of how the aforementioned equation of success works.

So admire the following cartoon on this New Year’s Eve. Laugh. Cry. Feel however it makes you feel. But no matter the emotion, keep working hard, being persistent, and may a thunderbolt of good luck strike you all.

Metaflix New Year's Eve
Metaflix New Year’s Eve