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New ‘Dune’ Ensemble Poster Shows Off House Atreides

New Dune Poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. has released yet another poster for “Dune,” its upcoming sci-fi epic based on Frank Herbert’s novel, and this one features everyone–from Paul to Duke Leto, to Chani and Stilgar–the whole gang is here.

This latest poster is a classic theatrical one; the ensemble cast is collected together in a central montage, with lead Timothée Chalamet up top. Surrounding him are Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Javier Bardem.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Together, they represent the key players of the protagonists’ House Atreides and the Fremen. Below the montage, we also see Chalamet’s Paul Atreides walking on the sands of the planet Arrakis, dressed in his still suit.

The film will follow Chalamet’s Paul as he sets off to lead nomadic tribes in a battle to protect the desert planet Arrakis, which is being invaded by outsiders who seek to obtain the life-extending substance that can only be found on the planet, known as “spice.”

This ensemble poster follows fourteen character posters that Warner Bros. revealed last month, which also put key members of House Harkonnen in the spotlight.

Warner Bros. Pictures

The poster’s tag line also states ‘It Begins,’ a nod to the fact that this film is just the start of the “Dune” story. The movie covers the first half of the original novel, and while a sequel hasn’t been greenlit, “Dune” is planned to be a two-part story. An official trailer for the film was released a few weeks ago, which you can watch right below!

Warner Bros, Pictures

“Dune” releases October 22 in cinemas and will also be available to stream on HBO Max on the same day. This is a little later than originally planned due to a recent delay, the latest in a series of pushbacks.

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