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Poster for ‘The Witches’ Remake Leaks – Let the Nightmares Begin

The Witches 1990
Warner Bros.


Poster for ‘The Witches’ Remake Leaks – Let the Nightmares Begin

The 1990 film traumatized kids worldwide.

Everything about this post is traumatizing. As a kid I was subjected to the 1990 film “The Witches” starring Anjelica Huston on numerous occasions. Who knows if it was simply playing on some demented television station for kids repeatedly or if my mother had it on VHS and in trying to pacify her son for a couple of hours was unknowingly giving him PTSD in the process.

Me in 1990 watching “The Witches”

Either way, that anguish lay dormant for thirty years until Robert Zemeckis came along to write and direct a remake of the film, another adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1983 dark fantasy. Worse, some of the heaviest hitters in Hollywood are involved, meaning “The Witches” remake will receive massive amounts of attention and my nightly dreams will increasingly and inevitably mutate into witch and rat-infested nightmares.

Alongside Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro and Kenya Barris, writer of Girls Trip (2017), co-wrote the screenplay. Alfonso Cuarón is also among those with a producing credit.

This new version of “The Witches,” since delayed from an October 2020 release to sometime in 2021, is set in 1960s Alabama, a stark departure from the two original sources which are set in 1980s England. The story follows the young character played by Jahzir Bruno, who will portray the main protagonist during the Jim Crow era of the 1960s.

Anne Hathaway will portray the Grand High Witch while Octavia Spencer will play the grandmother of Bruno’s character. Stanley Tucci is set to play Mr. Stringer and Chris Rock will be in the film as well; his character has yet to be announced as of this writing.

On Saturday, Reddit user TimeAndTimeAgain2000 posted a supposedly leaked poster from the film to numerous subreddits, including r/RoaldDahl and r/movies.

Details surrounding the leaked poster are scant, however the anonymous user claimed his or her friend “… runs a fan account for one of the supporting actors in the film. This actor posted a picture of themselves with the poster and gift they had received from the production team. It was clearly posted in error and deleted after about 30 seconds. However, that was long enough for her to take a screenshot of it. Knowing that I was very interested in the film she very nicely sent it to me.”

The poster is fairly benign on the surface. It features the three leading adult actors, some rats looking up at them, and the tagline “Witches Are Real!” However, for the millions of afflicted kids who were subjected to the terrors of “The Witches” in 1990, nothing could possibly be more terrifying.

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