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‘Freaky’ Tops the Pandemic Box Office With Just $3.7M

Kathryn Newton in Freaky
Universal Pictures


‘Freaky’ Tops the Pandemic Box Office With Just $3.7M

The slasher horror was the weekend’s top grossing movie.

Universal and Blumhouse lead the box office with their theatrical release of the new body swap horror “Freaky.” But despite being number 1 in North America, the film came in lower than expected and only managed to rake in $3.7M during its opening weekend, performing on par with other pandemic releases. This is the 14th time that a Blumhouse movie has led the box office in the studio’s history. Blumhouse’s last No. 1 pic was “The Invisible Man,” with $28.2M pre-pandemic.

The horror film opened on 2,472 screens across the continent, and in 20 international markets, making its global sales currently sit at $5.6 million. Most reviews for the film have been positive leading to an 85% critics score and 82% audience score Rotten Tomatoes.

“Freaky” is creator Christopher Landon’s follow up to the black comedy horrors “Happy Death Day” (2017) and its sequel “Happy Death Day 2U” (2019). The film stars Vince Vaughn as a serial killer and Kathryn Newton as a teenage girl who suddenly switch bodies. “Freaky” is one of several Universal and Focus Features that are set for theatrical release this winter with plans to release on premium video on-demand afterwards.

The “Freaky” writer and director Christopher Landon left some reassuring words on his personal social media page for fans:

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