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Nicolas Cage To Play Dracula in Upcoming Monster Movie

Nicolas Cage Dracula
Hemdale Film Corporation

Deadline recently confirmed Nicolas Cage has signed on to play Dracula in the upcoming feature “Renfield.”

Nicholas Hoult will play the titular character, the Count’s infamous henchman. “Renfield” takes place in the modern-day, with comedic tones, directed by Chris Mckay.

This role marks Cage’s return to a big-name studio like Universal, as the actor has made a name for himself in indie productions. This isn’t the first time Cage has taken on the role of a bloodsucker. If you’ll, unfortunately, recall “Vampire’s Kiss.”

Renfield’s character was introduced in Braham Stroker’s 1897 novel, as a mental patient in an asylum, obsessed with drinking blood. He did this in hopes of gaining immortality alongside worshipping and serving Dracula.

Cage’s last major studio movie was “Ghost-Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” and has since starred in a number of quirky and self-indulgent roles. This iconic role may mark a comeback from the meme-able actor. The mysterious and moody vampire should serve his dramatic personality well.

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