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‘Nightmare Alley’ Trailer Receives Love From Fellow Director

Nightmare Alley Trailer
Searchlight Pictures

Edgar Wright tweeted about his excitement for Guillermo del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley,” as the trailer was released earlier today. The “Last Night in Soho” director perfectly describes the atmosphere surrounding the film as “dark” and “wonderous.”

The carnival imagery comes to life with warm lighting. But as we follow Bradley Cooper, the music in the trailer becomes more sinister. Perhaps that’s what gives the clip its chilling effect is that the image and sounds clash so harshly.

From Cate Blanchett‘s finger waves to Cooper’s pinstripe suit, the film does its best to feel dated. But the high quality and dreamlike visuals will definitely attract a modern crowd.

The trailer features a constant back and forth from light to dark. We see Cooper dazzle in the warm yellow light, while in the frames doused in blue, he appears more corrupt and ashamed.

No wonder Wright is excited. Guillermo del Toro seems to have created a fast-paced neo noir. As the music intensifies, so do the stakes for Cooper’s character. He seems to be at odds with himself and in serving the devious needs of others. A fun spine-tingling chill, perfect for the winter season.

“Nightmare Alley” will premiere in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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