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Nine Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for the Film Lover In Your Life

Birthday Gifts for Film Lovers

We love movies. You love movies. And chances are someone near and dear to your heart loves movies too. However, nobody loves searching for gifts, even if they are movie-related.

Accordingly, here are nine awesome birthday gift ideas for the film lover in your life.

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Cinephile Card Game

I have envied this card game for years now. “Cinephile: A Card Game” is my white whale, the “Clerks III” to my Kevin Smith, the Oscar to my Leonardo DiCaprio. The game can take many forms. Each card has a famous actor on it with an example of a film they’re in. You can draw two and try to connect them within six degrees of one another, Kevin Bacon style. Or you can try naming as many movies in an actor’s filmography as possible. Just be prepared: they may end up asking you to join them for a game.

A is for Auteur Bathroom Book

The creators of the Cinephile card game also have a beautifully illustrated book for your youngest cinephile! This stylish yellow book illustrates an auteur for every letter of the alphabet, including big names like Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock (although somehow they’ve convinced themselves X is for Spike Lee). This is a great gift for any aspiring filmmaker or film lover you might know. The list reminds film lovers to check out auteurs across the decades.

Robert McKee’s “Story”

If you’ve seen even a handful of YouTube video essays about film criticism, you know Robert McKee’s narrative bible, “Story.” The film lover in your life will love McKee’s witty takes on structure and film writing. The author doesn’t just tell you how to write a script; he invites you to think about storytelling, particularly film, as a flexible and yet understandable set of rules. Whether it’s a coffee table read or a pre-bed visit to the nightstand, “Story” is an essential book on every cinephile’s shelf.

100 Movie Bucket List Poster

I remember unwrapping this gift on Christmas morning and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of classics still yet to be discovered. The scratch-offs are very satisfying, especially after watching a Kubrick-length extravaganza. I just counted and realized I still have yet to watch 26 of these great movies. That’s right, I am an ashamed “Rocky Horror Picture Show” virgin.

However, you and your film buff don’t have to be! From “Spirited Away” to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” you’ll find a full list of films for your local flick-loving friend or relative to cross off their list.

Polaroid Movie Cards

Have you ever gone into a photographer’s room that’s full of Polaroids and wondered … who are all these people? Well, now you can do that to someone else!

These polaroid-looking pictures depict 48 movies and tv shows in small still images. You can also use them as flashcards; the card lists each movie’s director and a few of its stars below the image. They’re like miniature posters, perfect for a dorm room or coffee table.

DVD Buffer

We all know the pain of finding a small scratch on your favorite DVD. While many popcorn eaters have switched to the harder scratch Blu-Ray disc for their movies, DVDs remain the most accessible format for many movies.

This disc buffer should help smooth things over. If your favorite copy of “Arsenic and Old Lace,” (which egregiously has not yet gotten a Blu Ray release) is scratched, you can use this tool to fix it. It’s also perfect for anyone who goes DVD shopping at their local secondhand store, or for the videographer with old home videos stored on DVD discs.

Movie Watching Journal

I love keeping track of everything I watch. There’s something satisfying about being able to say “I watch X number of movies this week.” This is the perfect gift for that organized (or should be more organized) theatergoer.

With a classy cover and a beautiful log interior, this journal will be their best friend. Additionally, there are spots for writing in short reviews of each title watched. There’s also a section for filling out the director and runtime, so aspiring filmmakers can track their inspiration.

Roger Ebert’s Four Star Reviews

Oh how we miss Roger Ebert. Every filmmaker or critic knows him for his witty takedowns of bad movies and his excited but intelligent praise for good ones. This collection of reviews highlights the latter.

While Ebert has his own full-length works that are more cohesive, I would find this collection more helpful. It’s useful as not only a bathroom read or a nightstand prop but as a sort of watchlist. If Ebert truly liked it, then it must be worth watching. As an aspiring film critic myself, I would be envious of any friend I found who had this on their shelf.

Popcorn Maker

Of course, what movie night is complete without popcorn! While some may prefer the unhealthy treat of microwave corn, this popper treats much better. Plus, this popcorn maker looks great in any screening room or movie den than any microwave.

With options for adding oil, this kind of popcorn maker is an essential item for the binge-watcher’s living room. I personally got a popper like this for my own Marvel marathon, back when there were only 24 hours or so of Avengers flicks to watch. It proved to be the big hit of the night, continuing to pop long after I had grown sick of our other snacks.

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