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Official Trailer for ‘In The Earth’ Starring Joel Fry and Ellora Torchia



Official Trailer for ‘In The Earth’ Starring Joel Fry and Ellora Torchia

“In The Earth” is directed and written by Ben Wheatley (“Rebecca” and “Kill List”). The film is produced and distributed by NEON and was shot discretely during the pandemic last year. It stars Joel Fry (“Yesterday”), Ellora Torchia (“Midsommar“), Hayley Squires (“I, Daniel Blake), and Reece Shearsmith.

The film centers around a world searching for the cure to a deadly virus. After a scientist and a park ranger traverse deep into the woods on a routine supplies run, they find out the surrounding woodlands harbor a terrifying mystery.

Ben Wheatley is an interesting director. His films span almost all genres, although the Brit has yet to make his one major hit seen by mass audiences. Films like “Free Fire”, “High Rise”, and “Kill List” all received middling reviews from critics, but have garnered cult fanbases over the years.

“In The Earth,” Wheatley’s first dive into the horror genre, received favorable praise following its release at Sundance. The film currently sits with a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.2/10 on IMDB. However, the thriller’s pandemic plot could be divisive for audiences that seek escapism rather than realism. I, for one, am tired of seeing characters wearing masks on screen.

“In The Earth” is expected to hit theaters on April 30. With the limited quality of theatrical releases, Wheatley’s film could see a surge in box office sales. Only time will tell. For now, check out the debut trailer below for “In the Earth.”

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