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Oops, Marvel Just Leaked A Release Date

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Marvel is a big company and the bigger the company, the harder it can be to control. For the most part, it seems Marvel Studios is in sync with each of its subdivisions. The studio has done mostly a good job at keeping everything orderly and not having too many screw-ups. In a perfect world, they’d never make mistakes. We don’t live in a perfect world. 

Marvel India may have accidentally leaked a potential release date for Blade. It should be as cut and dry as that, but the leak somehow poses even more questions about what’s going on behind closed doors over at Marvel Studios. 

Most would believe the release date to be inaccurate. Blade would be coming out around this time next year. That is way sooner than can be realistically expected. As far as the public is aware, Blade has not begun filming. They could be shooting it in secret, but come on, it’s Blade, not the next Avengers movie. There doesn’t need to be this much secrecy around it. At least, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be. 

That said, this is Marvel and they do love their surprises. Maybe Blade is going to be a big surprise for them to announce at a social distant comic con. Marvel Studios did have October 7, 2022, on its release schedule previously, but in May, without revealing which movie the date is for, pushed that date back a whole year until October 6, 2023. Maybe this is just some left over marketing material that Marvel India used. If so, then we now know that the October 2023 release is most likely Blade. October certainly would be a great month for a vampire centered Marvel flick. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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