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Our Favorite Oscar Tradition: Guillermo on the Red Carpet

YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live


Our Favorite Oscar Tradition: Guillermo on the Red Carpet

There are people who think the best part of the red carpet is the fashion. However, after the Oscars decided to largely forego comedy this year, we were looking for another fix. Our favorite late night sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, known simply as Guillermo, hits the red carpet to get the real scoop on celebrities.

Long running television comedian Jimmy Kimmel sent his sidekick out. Usually, the segment involves a certain amount of—well, a large amount of—tequila. This year, due to Covid precautions, Guillermo had to keep his distance and wasn’t able to hand the guests anything. Therefore, no tequila. However, this didn’t stop Guillermo from having a great time on the red carpet.

From talking to celebrities like Viola Davis, Riz Ahmed, Daniel Kaluuya, and more, Guillermo was able to ask the tough questions like, “Which one is your favorite sound of metal?” With more antics like thinking he spotted Dr. Fauci, learning a particularly interesting sign language phrase, and drinking something mysterious from a bottle of hand sanitizer, Guillermo’s red carpet was an all-around hit.  

Check out the video above to see one of the most reliably fun segments from Oscar Sunday!

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