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Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy

Metaflix and all associated assets are owned and operated by online publisher Metaflix Media LLC. Metaflix Media oversees the operation of Metaflix and all associated assets across all platforms on which the brand appears, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a host of other social media, news, and digital platforms. That said, Metaflix Media does not influence or otherwise dictate the opinions of the editorial team, nor does it interfere with site objectives, voice, or topic selection.

Programmatic advertising funds the majority of website operations. Metaflix editorial staff, writers, and contributors remain independent of Metaflix Media’s advertising team. By policy, the two sides remain independent from one another and do not influence each other’s work.

While we strive to provide readers with a suitable ad experience, advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of Metaflix or Metaflix Media LLC.

On certain occasions, collaborations, direct sales campaigns, or sponsorships are managed by our advertising team and/or content team. Sponsored articles are clearly identified with a prominently disclosed category tag identifying the post as such. Similarly, select articles may include affiliate links for which Metaflix receives a commission on purchased items. Any articles that include affiliate links also contain a statement disclosing an affiliate partnership.

To ensure that industry access does not influence editorial objectivity, we abide by a strict ethics policy that all editors, authors, and contributors must follow. Read our complete ethics policy for more details.

For corrections or update requests, please visit our Corrections page or contact us.