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Patty Jenkins’ Cleopatra Movie Starring Gal Gadot Stuck in Limbo

Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed Again
Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed Again

When I reported on Patty Jenkins’ “Star Wars” project being delayed, I’d said it was due to conflicting commitments from her busy, busy shooting schedule. I laid all the blame on “Wonder Woman 3” as that seemed like the more pressing film to make for her. But, in the words of a little green dude from the franchise she’s leaving on hold for the time being, “There is another.”

That is, there is another movie Patty Jenkins wants to make on top of “Rogue Squadron” and “Wonder Woman 3.” Apparently, she’s also had a Cleopatra biopic in the works (busy lady). This film has been known about for some time with Gal Gadot set for the titular role. Outside of that, there’s been little in the way of updates. 

Just recently Gal Gadot has been doing interviews for her upcoming Netflix film, “Red Notice.” Gadot gave a rather unambiguous answer: “‘Cleopatra’ is definitely still happening.” To back that talk up, Gal Gadot revealed that the script is complete, going as far as to call it “amazing.” Before the video wrapped up. She also mentioned that she’s more than ready to “celebrate” and bring the story of Cleopatra to the big screen. 

Now, no news yet on when Patty Jenkins’ “Cleopatra” will begin production or who will be joining Gadot in the film, but this interview at least confirms that the project is far from dead. Of the three films, Jenkins will probably be making this one last. It is a historical drama next to two franchise tentpole films. It’s safe to say the studios will insist on “Wonder Woman 3” and “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’s” completion before letting her touch this film. Our patience will be rewarded though with getting to see Gal Gadot as Cleopatra. That’ll be a sight to behold, no doubt.

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