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Peter Jackson Shares a First Look at ‘The Beatles: Get Back’

For Beatles fans, Jackson’s next project is one they can’t miss.

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison on The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.

Fresh off the heels of finishing the 4K Remaster of the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” trilogies, Famed director Peter Jackson is returning to the world of documentaries with “The Beatles: Get Back,” which drops on Disney+ next year.

Jackson prefaces the 6 minute video by saying that the film had been delayed about a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that the film is currently about half done. To make the film, Jackson and company looked through 56 hours of home video of the Beatles.

Though The Beatles’ career was long and full of twists and turns, the film focuses on the production of “Let It Be,” one of The Beatles’ most celebrated albums. There have been long-standing rumors about drama behind the scenes during the making of this album, but those don’t appear in this clip.

Rather, the montage shows off The Beatles being really goofy, joking amongst themselves and the other personnel on the album. The video also shows off some of the recording for the song “Get Back,” which was also the original name for the album itself. Yoko Ono does appear in the footage as well, though this slice-of-life picture seems to avoid Ono and John Lennon’s later, more controversial years, and maybe even Lennon’s departure from the group shortly before the album released.

While Peter Jackson is best known for his fantasy films, his most recent success was “They Shall Not Grow Old,” a World War I documentary. The film used incredibly advanced visual effects technology in order to restore, colorize, and add depth to hours of black and white footage from during the war, as well as building out the entire sound palette for the formerly silent footage. Jackson and company used many of these same effect techniques in “Get Back.”