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Photo of 13-Year-Old Christian Bale Is Full of Nostalgia

Christian Bale 1987
Christian Bale 1987

Christian Bale has risen to the top of Hollywood with iconic movies like “The Dark Knight“, “American Psycho,” and “The Big Short,” among many more. However back in 1987, Bale was just a 13-year-old kid doing what kids do best: playing video games and messing with computers.

The photo above shows Bale relaxing during his down time from being a childhood star. However, a quick glance around his teenage bedroom will surely give you your daily dose of ’80s nostalgia. The most crucial element of this photo is Bale’s hat collection. Underneath the Nike cap is a hat for “Empire of the Sun,” Bale’s breakout role. Bale starred as Jamie “Jim” Graham in the Steven Spielberg flick at just 13.

The football helmet next to Bale’s hat collection should certainly bring back memories for Chicago Bears fans. Just two years before this photo was taken the Bears won the Super Bowl with a record of 15-1. The 1985 Bears season has gone down as one of the greatest NFL seasons of all time. So it’s no surprise that Bale, a British actor, would have been a fan of the team.

The young Bale’s outfit certainly says a ton. He’s rocking the denim on denim that is topped off with acid washed jeans. However, the biggest 80s fashion statement Bale is making resides with his sneakers. Bale’s Nike Air Trainer 1’s are some of the most beloved sneakers of the 1980s. Tennis legend John McEnroe popularized the shoes just a year before in 1986.

To top off the ’80s nostalgia Bale sits in front of an Amstrad CPC 464 computer and poses with the joystick. With so much nostalgia crammed into one picture, Bale and photographer David Levenson truly captured a moment in time.

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