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Sean Connery and Lt. Col. Russhon Share Ice Cream on the Set of ‘Thunderball’

Sean Connery Russhon Ice Cream Thunderball
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Sean Connery and Lt. Col. Russhon Share Ice Cream on the Set of ‘Thunderball’

All this spy business is making me hungry.

Before his tragic passing on Halloween, Sean Connery helmed a tremendously impressive career, spanning decades. He played Harrison Ford’s father in the “Indiana Jones” series, and won an Academy Award in 1987 for his role in the gangster flick “The Untouchables.” However, one role stood above the rest for Connery: MI6 agent James Bond.

Sean Connery was the first man to don the suit that has graced the likes of Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and most recently Daniel Craig. “Thunderball” came in the middle of Connery’s run, sandwiched between “Goldfinger” and “You Only Live Twice.”

Thunderball follows Bond as he attempts to recover two stolen atomic bombs belonging to NATO before the terrorist organization SPECTRE uses them to level Miami. The film features fictionalized members of the United States military, and most big-budget films will hire a military advisor to have on set to make sure the film is accurate from an aesthetic, character, and plotting standpoint when dealing with the military characters.

For “Thunderball,” Lt. Col. Charles Russhon acted as the film’s military advisor. In this photo, Russhon and Connery are jokingly sharing an ice cream cone. The two became good friends over the course of Connery’s time as James Bond, with Russhon acting as advisor to every single Connery Bond film except for “Dr. No” and “Diamonds Are Forever.” Russhon also had a small cameo in “Thunderball” as an Air Force general.

Films like the Bond franchise truly take a village to make, from camerapeople to chefs and makeup artists to military advisors. This photo does a great job at capturing the funny and very often odd world of filmmaking, and is a fun peek behind the curtain at one of the most legendary film characters of a generation.

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