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Psst, Hey You, Wanna Watch ‘Batman’ Fight ‘Predator’

I know, that match up would usually be illegal due to copyright law, but fortunately for us, fanfilms from over twenty years ago don’t care about copyright laws. In this short film, we don’t just see Batman fight a Predator, but both their respective adversaries too. Joker and a Xenomorph do interact and it goes about as well as you’d think. 

This is a video from way back in the heyday of YouTube. That was a time when infringing on copyright was part of the appeal of the new platform. Fortunately for us, neither Warner Bros nor 20th Century have really taken issue with this, and really, why would they? 

Fanfilms are a form of free promotion that movie studios are only now realizing the full potential of. You can create fan buzz for certain projects by just letting your fans do the movie making. Who da thunk it! 

This short film was directed by Sandy Collora and shot at the San Diego Comic Con.  Its synopsis reads, “During a stormy night in Gotham City, the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum while Batman prepares to hunt for him. Batman finds the Joker in an alleyway, but before the Dark Knight can take him back to the asylum, the Joker is quickly dragged off by an Alien…”

If you want to see how it ends just sit back and enjoy. 

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