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Quentin Tarantino Flexes Encyclopedic Movie Knowledge on Jimmy Kimmel Live

If a collection of cinephiles were asked to name the biggest film buffs in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino would likely be at the top of most peoples’ lists.

Tarantino is known for being a cinema savant. In his formative years, he famously worked at a video rental store, Video Archives, practically making the establishment his home. It was there he cut his teeth on all things celluloid, becoming a fount of knowledge on even the most obscure people, places, and things related to cinema, both foreign and domestic.

After becoming an expert on cinema as a result of his video store gig, Tarantino embarked on making films of his own. Most people commonly–but mistakenly–assume that his breakout hit “Reservoir Dogs” is his feature film debut. However, that honor actually goes to “My Best Friend’s Birthday,” which has only recently been more thoroughly explored by film buffs and mainstream media.

On Wednesday, Quentin Tarantino appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his novelization of “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood.” During the interview, the acclaimed director discussed movie novelizations, living in Israel, and his newborn son, Leo.

However, it was when Tarantino and Kimmel played a game of “Guess That Movie” that the appearance really got interesting.

While blindfolded, Tarantino was described a handful of obscure films using their bizarre plot points. For the most part, he failed to guess the movie title straight off the bat. However, Tarantino’s knack for knowing directors, actors, and other pieces of information about the films really shone through.

What’s more, the moment Tarantino discovers he guessed the original title of a truly obscure film rather than its “cheapie video title” blows the mind of Kimmel … and everyone else. Check it out!

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